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We take in dogs and cats that have been abused and abandoned in the desert of the Antelope Valley and provide them with food, medical assistance, and love. Many have been dumped here in the desert without food, water, or shelter needed to survive the elements and/or wild and feral animals.

Some of the animals you see at AVDCR have been nursed back from inhumane treatment. Initially, they are very timid, but are surprisingly very kind and loving considering what they have been through. Our mission for many of the rescued animals is to find loving homes for those who are socialized enough to be able to go to homes where they can become members of your family. Some will never be able to be adopted due to the severe abuse they have been put through, but our goal, is to make these animals feel as safe, loved, and comfortable as possible for the rest of their lives.

We are a 501(c)3 non-profit group and we survive strictly on donations therefore we need as much help and support from you and the community as we can get. All donations of items and/or money are completely tax deductible. We urge you to consider donating or becoming a volunteer. Our rescued friends thank you in advance for anything you can offer.

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